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Why I Don’t Buy Expensive Bicycles

Sure if a custom bicycle gives you more pleasure than what you are riding today then, by all means, go get one. But if a used, inexpensive bicycle that you picked up at Cyclop brings an equally big smile to your face – that’s good too.

Introduce your children to trekking

Genetics, eating habits, sedentary lifestyle, poor quality air, water and food. A huge number of predominantly urban Indian children are overweight going on obese. Is this the new generation of children we parents would like to rear?

Mumbai to Goa on a fatbike – 11 – It ends in Goa

Final instalment of our travelogue. I am in Goa and missing Konkan already. This and the bittersweet symphony of a long ride ending. Here’s to everything that makes bikepacking on a fatbike so great. Thank you, India!

Mumbai to Goa on a fatbike – 10 – Drunk on fame and Palm wine

“Oh my I’m a restless guyGot a home everywhere I goI’m-a trouble on the runHeartbreakin’ son of a gunOh yeah…

Mumbai to Goa on a fatbike – 9 – The best Konkan beach

Allow me to let you on to a secret. “The most beautiful beach on the Konkan coast is…”. Read on to find out

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