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Our very own homemade, healthy and yummy Granola

Homemade granola is a healthy, comforting, and delicious treat. Most of the granola that one buys in stores is high in sugar content, contains unhealthy oils, fats, synthetic vitamins and unnecessary ingredients. Making your own mix at home is very easy and allows you control over the amount of sugar, oil and quality of ingredients. Plus you can change and play around with ingredients to whisk up a new batch of granola.

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Tip #7 – Trail fit after hibernation (infographic)

Been tucked in and hibernating this winter? With an early spring this year, it’s time to start getting trail-ready so you can stay injury-free during the trekking high season. To push you out of bed, we’ve compiled a few of our favourite conditioning infographics.

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Stair climbing – the only home / office exercise to remain trek fit this winter

With winter almost upon us, our repertoire of exercises shrivels up to a few choices. In North India winter is often accompanied with fog. This makes cycling or even driving to the gym a dangerous expedition. However, hope is still at hand. There is one simple exercise that will help you maintain your fitness around the year, especially though the lean winter months. This exercise does not require any training equipment, systems, and fad diets which is mostly the result of marketing rather than a genuine effort to reach higher levels of fitness and well-being.

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Foraged rose hip tea in the Indian Himalayas

The Girl Outdoor recently shared a recipe for rose hip tea and we have been agog to try it out in the Indian Himalayas. Rose hips are the fruit of a rose tree and they grow wild in the Lower Indian Himalayas. After the rose flower has bloomed and all its petals fallen off, the fruit can be picked off. They ripen in autumn and are abundant between an altitude of 1700 to 2100 metres (5500 to 7000 feet). 

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