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Category: Gear Review

FitTrip Bikes’ Marine Review: The Heart of an Adventurer

I rode through the heart of the monsoon season along the Konkan coast: my first bikepacking ride in India, that took me through 1000+ kms of salt, sand, gravel & country roads, not to forget the jaw-dropping vistas. My only support: a trailbike, nay, a fatbike to be precise: the Marine. Are fatbikes niche and how did mine hold up through rocky mud roads, record rainfall & floods? Here’s my take on the Marine fatbike.

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Decathlon Arpenaz 500 Fresh Blue Green – Initial Impressions

The recently launched Arpenaz 500 Fresh are top of the line Arpenaz hiking shoes from Decathlon. This means that they sit somewhere in the middle of Decathlon’s 2017 trekking shoes lineup. So do these shoes punch above their feather weight or do do they fall flat on their face? Should you even consider them for your summer/monsoon hikes? Learn more in our preview.


The best GPS for hiking in India – Garmin Etrex 20x review

Etrex is Garmin’s range of small, inexpensive, handheld GPS that run on AA batteries. The Etrex 20x sits between the monochrome Etrex10 and the Etrex 30x, which comes with more sensors. Launched in 2015, the Garmin ETrex 20x is an incremental update to Garmin’s acclaimed Etrex 20. The ‘x’ retains its predecessor’s form factor and size while improving aspects such as the display, available storage and GPS receiver. Is this the perfect GPS for the intrepid Indian hiker? Find out in the review below.


An everyday flashlight that makes excellent trekking companion – Fenix LD09 review

This year I bought a Fenix LD09 as my Every Day Carry (EDC) flashlight. However, over the past six months its also become a staple gear in my trekking bag. Find out why in our review of the Fenix LD09 flashlight.