Oft-forgotten landscape photography items

On a trek, photography does not stop when the sun goes down. Sunsets, star trails, moonlit mountains, a lit-up tent often make the best subjects for outdoor photography. Nevertheless, to take such photographs, a trekker needs to be prepared with the right photo gear and the right gear for the photographer.

The little things you forget, kill me. — please find this, I Wrote This For You

Normally, we spend a lot of time fretting over our photo gear but we forget to pack the right gear for the photographer. Two items that are often forgotten are also the most important, these are -

  1. A pair of inner gloves/glove liners
  2. A headlamp

What kills a really good photograph? Not being at the right place at the right time with the right gear.

Inner Gloves / Glove liners

Night photography often involves long exposure and in the meantime the photographer stands hunched over the camera blowing on his fingers to keep them warm.

Inner gloves or glove liners are a pair of thin and lightweight gloves that are worn next to the skin under heavier regular gloves. Good glove liners are often made of silk. Silk is a natural fabric feels extremely comfortable against the skin. Despite being thin it provides an effective barrier against cold wind and adds an extra 3-5 degree of warmth. This is the reason why most sleeping bag liners are made of silk. Glove liners are thin and thus, they do not restrict dexterity required to push camera buttons or move dials. A must-have for those sunrise images and late night photography.


Ever stood on an edge of a lake or a cliff, fumbling for gear late at night…Trying to balance a torch and an expensive lens?

A headlamp is essential for late-night photography. It provides light and yet keeps your hands free for important tasks like changing a lens or setting up a tripod. New and improved headlamps often come with a red LED light that do not blind, and help keep night vision. Besides all these benefits, a headlamp can also make a good prop for night photography.

Don’t forget to carry these two items in your backpack when you head out on a photogenic trek.