• Bhaderwah Sarthal Bani Basohli (J&K) - India's best road-trip?

    Want a shot at one of the most beautiful road trips in India? The Bhaderwah-Bani-Basohli Road circuit is a “must do” for every avid trekker, motorcyclist, landscape photographer or nature lover.

  • Monsoon trekking tips for The Western Ghats

    Monsoon trekking, especially in The Western Ghats requires a skill set and gear that is different from trekking in the Himalayas. While the basics like physical fitness and being mindful of your surroundings remain the same, monsoon trekking offers a different set of challenges for an aspiring trekker. This article is a compilation of trekking tips. Tips I have compiled after a few months of monsoon trekking in the Sahyadri and The Western Ghats.

  • Patnitop (J&K) to Sudh Mahadev temple trek

    Colossal vultures, a tiger decked temple, majestic peaks and mesmerising views. The trek from Patnitop to Sudh Mahadev is firmly etched in my memory for all these reasons. This moderately difficult trek connects Patnitop with a historical temple at Sudh Mahadev.

  • Patnitop (J&K) to Shivgarh Ridge Trek

    Have an urge to expend some pent-up energy or perhaps challenge yourself of a difficult trek around Patnitop? If yes, then look no further than this trek along Shivgarh ridge overlooking Patnitop. This ridge connects Patnitop woods with a meadow that lies on the Patnitop-Gaurikund trek route.

  • Ambivali to Peth Kothaligad fort (Maharashtra) monsoon trek

    Kothaligad is a small funnel fort near Karjat (Maharashtra). The fort is also called “Peth Fort” because of its vicinity to Peth village. Unlike other funnel hill forts, the pinnacle or the funnel is carved from the inside, forming a circular staircase that reaches the top. The superlative view from the top of the pinnacle combined with this unique and awe-inspiring engineering feat deserves a visit.

  • Boots or shoes for trekking in India?

    For most trekkers, it has been drilled into our heads that - “trekkers wear boots”. That’s just what you do. You require toughness, ankle support and water protection. Right? Let us dig deep into these reasons to try and find out if they still hold.

  • Patnitop (J&K) to Chorgala trek photos

    Shantigala and Chorgala (near Patnitop, J&K) trek photo gallery.

  • Patnitop (J&K) to Chorgala trek

    Chorgala and Shantigala are two lush green meadows and they are the best-kept secret on the Patnitop – Sanasar Road (J&K). Easily accessible via a short trek from Nathatop air force station, they make an ideal getaway for the entire family.

  • Irshalgad near Mumbai (Maharashtra) monsoon trek

    No road link, a secluded village, beautiful vista and a less often used trail makes trekking to Irshalgad feel like rediscovering a long lost civilisation. Irshalgad is an oft-ignored pinnacle located on a plateau that towers over Chowk town on the Panvel – Karjat National Highway NH4.

  • Patnitop (J&K) to Shankhpal temple trek

    Shankh Pal is the spiritual deity of the Lander region. A temple dedicated to this deity is located at the highest point on the Shankh Pal ridge. Situated at an altitude of 2,897 metres, the temple is a short trek from Sanasar.