• Karnala Fort and bird sanctuary near Mumbai (Maharashtra) monsoon trek

    Karnala fort is built around a 125 feet basalt pillar called Pandu’s pillar. This lone basalt pillar sticks out from a ridge, resembles a person making a rude gesture with his finger. Karnala bird sanctuary, 13.6 kilometres from Panvel town on NH66 encloses the fort.

  • Solan to Pandava Gufa and Karol Ka Tibba (Himachal Pradesh) trek

    A 5.6-kilometre day trek leads you through fir groves, sprawling grasslands, dense forests, small ponds, a mysterious cave and panoramic views. The beauty of “Karol ka Tibba” trek is that it fits this immense natural bounty in a short day trek.

  • Climbing Billo ki Powri near Patnitop (J&K)

    “Billo ki Powri” is a staircase of 270 steps carved in mountain stone. Towering over Kud town, these stairs bear an uncanny resemblance to the straight stair over Cirith Ungol that Tolkien writes about in his book, The Lord of the Rings.

  • Decathlon Kalenji Kapteren 200 shoes review

    As you may recall, last summer our go-to trekking shoes were Kalenji’s Kapteren Crossover trail running shoes. Therefore, I am thrilled to see the Decathlon’s Kalenji Kapteren 200 came out. Not only are the Kapteren 200 cheaper than the Kapteren Crossover, but they add an instep that makes them gaiter compatible.

  • Water filter for hiking - Lifestraw review

    A portable water filter is a self-contained unit that may be used by recreational enthusiasts, military personnel, survivalists, and others who must obtain drinking water from untreated sources (e.g., rivers, lakes, groundwater etc.).

  • Decathlon Quechua Forclaz 900 trekking trouser review

    Decathlon’s Quechua Forclaz 900 are a pair of lightweight trekking trousers for men. At Rs. 3,999 they may seem expensive, but these trousers will last a casual hiker over five years. Their durability makes them exceptional value for money.

  • How to attach an ice axe to a backpack

    On my winter treks, I have seen trekkers and even some guides carry their ice axe incorrectly. If packed incorrectly, an ice axe may puncture your hip with its sharp pick if you fall. This video shows the correct way to attach an ice axe to a backpack.

  • Decathlon Quechua Forclaz 50 speed backpack review

    Backpack manufacturers often seek to find a balance between durability and weight. Yet most Indian trekkers prefer durability over shaving weight, and the trekking gear that is available in India reflects this buying attitude.

  • Decathlon Kalenji Kapteren Crossover shoes review

    Decathlon’s Kapteren Crossover is a low cut, lightweight trail running shoe. Although similar to other trail-running shoes, these shoes are ruggedised - at the toe and sides.

  • Janjehli to Shikari Mata Temple (Himachal Pradesh) winter trek

    At 3342 metres, Shikari Mata is a roofless temple, dedicated to a hunting goddess. Legend has it, hunters used to worship the Goddess on the mountain for success in their hunt.