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Waterfall Cafe trek – A quiet and serene hike near Mcleodganj

If you find Triund to be loud and boisterous this summer, we recommend taking a quiet trek to Waterfall Cafe. The Waterfall Cafe trek is a 2.5-kilometre / 1-hour easy trek with a waterfall and a tea shop at its terminus. You may extend the length and difficulty of this trek by following the waterfall rivulet, upstream. 


Don’t turn a difficult situation into a survival situation

A 72-year-old woman (Ann Charon Rodgers) and her dog (Queenie) survived the Gila County wilderness for nine days before being rescued by the Arizona Department of Public Safety on Saturday (April 9th, 2016). In this article we look at what went wrong on this mundane car breakdown and how this survival situation could have been avoided in the first place.

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