• Landour to Kolti village (Uttarakhand) trek

    It’s nice to do those treks where you have panoramic views over huge Himalayan massifs, snow covered peaks and massive glaciers. Nevertheless, with these small trails, you’re looking at the details, the flora, the fauna…

    “It’s not the immensity of the landscape that impresses you but the detail”

  • Banff Mountain Film Festival & interview with The Himalayan Club

    It was a balmy Sunday evening in Mumbai when we walked into the BN Vaidya Auditorium to attend the film screening of The Banff Mountain Film Festival (World Tour).

  • Landour Clock Tower to Mossy Fall (Uttarakhand) trek

    Mossy Fall is a natural waterfall followed by a few man-made drops near Barlowganj (Mussoorie). There are many routes that can get you from Landour to Barlowganj. The route that we post here is not the shortest, but we believe is the most scenic. This route takes you along Wynberg-Allen school grounds and gives you many opportunities to peek over Doon Valley.

  • Our very own homemade, healthy and yummy Granola

    “Move over packaged granola, we will make our own, thank you.”

    Granola is the perfect trail mix to carry, handy and healthy and yummy (yes healthy and yummy together in one sentence) and an energy boost — the perfect snack on an arduous trek or during any form of intense physical activity.

  • Dehradun to Santala Devi Temple trek

    Dehradun is a long way gone from Ruskin Bond’s excerpts. Forest Research Institute FRI , Dehradun stands as a bastion of solace in the cacophony of car horns. The FRI has much to offer, yet it lacks a proper sunset vista. It was the librarian at FRI who suggested that we visit the Santala Devi Temple for a good sunset view.

  • Walking Mile... Mile & A Half through the John Muir Trail

    “ Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. ”

    — John Muir

    I had to pull myself away from pressing play for the 4th time – such is the endearing quality of this documentary. Stunning, beautiful, breathtaking, remarkable – the litany of praise from viewers of this well-documented piece of art grows, as more and more people partake of this breathtaking voyage.

  • Two essential camera filters for landscape photography

    There are two filters that are essential to landscape photography. A Circular Polarising Filter (CPL) and a Graduated Neutral Density filter (GND). Why do we call these filters essential? Well simply because the effect of a polarising filter cannot be replicated in post-processing. On the other hand, a Graduated Neutral Density filter helps give your photograph the extra oomph. Let us discuss these filters and the need for them in more detail.

  • The Road To A Better Outdoor Photographer

    The road to becoming a better outdoor photographer is fraught with diversions. Many who trudge this road get distracted by the latest and greatest camera gear and marketing hyperbole. This leads to dissatisfaction with the gear that they own and promotes what I call “magical” thinking.

  • 3 warm drinks for winter trek in the Himalaya

    A trekker needs to drink liquids frequently and deliberately to avoid dehydration in winter. Water is required by your body to metabolise food, and thus to keep you warm and energetic.

  • Watch out for dislodged stones!

    This is a short yet important tip that I have received many a time from “ Gaddis” (nomadic shepherds) traversing the Indian Himalaya.