• My outdoor photography gear

    A lot of readers have asked umes to share me photo gear and what I carry in my camera bag. So I’ve decided to throw open my camera bag and explain why I own, what I own.

  • Mani Mahesh to Kalah Pass (Himachal Pradesh) trek

    The short 2.3-kilometre trail between Mani Mahesh and Kalah Pass is the best place to watch the sunset over Chamba Kailash. In the south, the landscape stretches endlessly till the Dhauladhars. A huge glacier and Kuja peak welcome the weary traveller in the east.

  • The Way movie review

    “You don’t choose a life. You live one.”

    When Daniel Avery asserts his belief right at the beginning of the film, one is ensnared by the tone of the film, right there at that precise moment. This simple truth behind the statement is pivotal to the entire journey of the film.

  • Hadsar to Mani Mahesh (Himachal Pradesh) trek

    Hadsar town has two distinct seasons, the pilgrimage season and the other season. During the pilgrimage season, a host of hotels, restaurants and shops spring up in town. It’s only a month after the Mani Mahesh pilgrimage that the town settles back to normal; the town slips back to its couple of tea shops and three times a day HRTC bus connection to Bharmour.

  • Hadsar to Mani Mahesh (Himachal Pradesh) trek diary

    Organised pilgrimage and cleanliness are hardly synonymous and this is evident on the Hadsar – Dhanchoo – Mani Mahesh trail. Plastic, human excrement and other odds and ends clog the Mani Mahesh trail and stream.

  • Surviving a lightning storm in the Himalaya

    These set of facts and tips are compiled from various websites on the internet. They were then discussed with employees of Indian Meteorological Service, New Delhi to validate their correctness. The purpose of this article is to educate a trekker about the dangers of a lightning storm in the Himalayas.

  • The best trekking GPS - Garmin Etrex 20x review

    Etrex is Garmin’s range of small, inexpensive, handheld GPS that run on AA batteries. The Etrex 20x sits between the monochrome Etrex10 and the Etrex 30x, which comes with more sensors. Launched in 2015, the Garmin ETrex 20x is an incremental update to Garmin’s acclaimed Etrex 20. The ‘x’ retains its predecessor’s form factor and size while improving aspects such as the display, available storage and GPS receiver. Is this the perfect GPS for the intrepid Indian hiker?

  • Fenix LD09 flashlight review

    As an outdoors person, I’ve always been fascinated by knives and flashlights. I have owned numerous Maglite in the Pre-LED era. But after the arrival of mainstream LEDs, my brand of choice has been Nightcore’s Tiny Monster or TM series.

  • Jalsu Pass (Himachal Pradesh) trek

    Jalsu pass is an outlier in the Dhauladhar mountain range. Most mountain passes in the Dhauladhars are craggy, slate covered with a steep and difficult approach. Jalsu Pass, on the other hand, is a lush green meadow with a gentle approach. Jalsu is also the westernmost pass in the Dhauladhars that connects Kangra with Chamba valley.

  • Jalsu Pass (Himachal Pradesh) panoramic view

    Jalsu Pass Panorama