• Jalsu Pass Himachal Pradesh trek diary part 3

    When you wake up to see a goat taking a dump on the floor right next to you, the realisation seeps in that this is not the best place to sleep. Unfortunately, this is the sight I wake up to at Joginder’s shop in Jalsu Gothe.

  • Jalsu Pass Himachal Pradesh trek diary part 2

    After yesterday’s night of revelry, I wake up to the sound of heavy thunder and lightning rending the night skies. I thank my stars that I have a solid roof over my head as I duck my head back under the warm blanket in Krishan’s shop.

  • Jalsu Pass Himachal Pradesh trek diary part 1

    It starts to drizzle the moment I get off the bus at Utrala. The drizzle turns into a lively torrent and I duck furtively under a dhaba roof. Standing under the roof it occurs to me that “crossing Jalsu pass without being caught in rains is just next to impossible”

  • Foot care tips for monsoon treks

    Most people don’t associate monsoons with appropriate trekking weather. Nevertheless, fog and mist provide an enchanting interplay between clouds and mountains that makes even the most mundane trek that much more special. However, the wet weather conditions take a heavy toll on your feet.

  • Kareri Lake trek photo gallery

    Kareri is a glacier-fed lake nestled in the Dhauladhars. It lies under the shadow of Minkiani pass and Lam Dal. Accessible via a 9.8-km moderate trek this post aims to show you why it is a much-beloved destination for hikers and trekkers.

  • Kareri Lake trek frequently asked questions

    For those interested in Kareri lake trek here’s a short Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) compilation. This FAQ sums up all questions that we received over email on this popular Dhauladhar trek.

  • Kareri village to Lake (Himachal Pradesh) Trek

    Kareri lake is elusive. I tried to reach Kareri lake in January last year, but I was forced to turn back at the first water crossing. It wasn’t the cold, snow or the trail difficulty that fazed me. It was a leopard.

  • Naddi to Guna Devi temple (near Mcleodganj, Himachal Pradesh) trek

    Guna temple is believed to have been built by Gaddis. Gaddis in Kangra District have immense faith in Goddess Kali and this is a temple they often visit before a trip over the Dhauladhars.

  • Two routes between Dharamkot & Gallu Temple (Mcleodganj, Himachal Pradesh)

    Gallu temple is the starting point for Triund, Guna and Durga temple treks. Most people choose to use the motor-able road to walk up to Gallu temple. However, there is a shorter mule track that you can follow which cuts this distance by half.

    Table Of Contents

    Route 1 – Mule track

    Mule track between Dharamkot & Gallu Temple The mule track in orange vs the motorable road in white, which would you prefer?

    Route 2 – Bazaar route

    The second route also links Dharamkot with Gallu temple. However, this route takes you through guest houses, cyber cafes and Dharamkot bazaar. I recommend this route if you want to go to Dharamkot to get some supplies, have food or visit a cyber cafe.

    A route that cuts through the heart of Dharamkot. A good way to get supplies or for a town visit. A route that cuts through the heart of Dharamkot. A good way to get supplies or for a town visit.

  • Hi-Tec Alpha Trail Mid WP boot review

    Hi-Tec is a brand Indian trekkers are unfamiliar with. Founded in 1974, Hi-Tec is a privately held company based in the Netherlands with a presence in over 85 countries. They make shoes and boots for many sports disciplines including squash, golf, trekking and mountaineering.