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We encourage you to comment on our articles, and we hope that you will join the discussion. It is not always possible to reply to your comments, but we do try our best. We review comments before they’re posted, and those that are off-topic or clearly promoting a commercial product generally won’t make the cut. We also expect a basic level of civility; disagreements are fine, but mutual respect is a must, and profanity or abusive language are out-of-bounds.


Unless credit is given otherwise, all images on this website are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. This means that you may use our images for non-commercial purposes, if you attribute a link to the original image. To use a picture for commercial purposes, please contact us to discuss terms.


Please note that we have an “honest review” policy. This implies that we must actually try a product in order to review it. We do not post product announcements or features based on press releases and stock photos. Unless stated otherwise, all products for review are bought anonymously via retail shops. A product review is published only once we are convinced that we have explored every facet of the product. This usually takes a month to over a year of testing. We do not accept payment for product reviews and we do not expect to keep review samples.

We prefer to test products that are available in India or made by Indian manufactures. If you come across a game-changing product or if you want us to review a certain product, please get in touch with us by email or via our contact page.


Starting August 2018 you can help sustain inditramp by buying from our affiliates Amazon India through our links. It costs you nothing and our share comes out of our affliates’ profits.

We make a lot of effort to ensure that all affiliate links are relevant, consistent and non-intrusive. If you come across an affiliate link that does not meet this criteria, do help us by reporting it via email or via our contact page.