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Recommended Trekking Gear for India

Have you ever wanted to buy a hiking product and been stumped about which product is best? Or worse, bought a product only to learn later that you didn’t buy the right one for your needs?

Last updated 05 December 2019

This is inditramp’s list of recommended trekking gear. I’ve used this gear on trekking trips and have found it to be a cut above the competition. This list is updated every season i.e Spring-Summer, Monsoon and Autumn-Winter.

If you’re looking for generic suggestions on what to wear in the Himalaya check out our 9 clothing essentials for three season trekking in the Indian Himalayas. This is a list of 9 essential clothing items distilled from our research and experience in the Indian Himalayas. You may supplement this list with warm and / or rain clothing where it is appropriate.

Recommended Gear – Winter 2019

  1. Winter BootsBugaboot Plus IV High Ankle Waterproof Shoe by Columbia Sportswear. Now in its fourth iteration, this builds on the robust build and highly water resistant exterior. The best bit however is the Michelin derived winter-specific rubber compound used for the outsole which performs much-much better than other options. USP – Michelin® Winter Sole Rubber Compound
  2. Winter Socks – Merino wool socks don’t come cheap but they pay themselves over in comfort and warmth. I’ve been using the Hans – Siachen winter socks for over two seasons now and they are expensive but outstanding and yes they are tall enough to cover my calves. Essential for winter. USP – 85% Merino Wool and tall!
  3. Winter Thermal PantsRAB Flux. Thick elasticised waist, Mid weight, warm with flat-lock seams so it doesn’t chafe against your insides. USP – Flatlock seams and extremely quick drying.
  4. Winter Hiking Pants – Decathlon’s Trek 900 trousers still set the benchmark for rugged, hardwearing, everyday trekking trousers. Mine are two years old and still going strong, but that hasn’t stopped me from grabbing a new pair for this winter. USP – reinforced at all critical places, quick drying.
  5. Winter Fleece – Every winter I think of recommending a different fleece, but every year Decathon wins me over with their extremely well priced fleece. This year its the same story the Quechua MH500 is only ₹ 500. Get one get two to layer or more. This is a no brainer . USP – Bang for buck.
  6. Winter Insulated JacketRAB microlight still sets the bar with its phenomenal insulation for it’s weight. Weighing just under 375 grammes and packing down to two fist sized ball this has a permanent place in my backpack. USP – 750 fill hydrophobic European goose down.
  7. Light – Shorter days means additional light requirement. For winter hiking I prefer AA variety flashlights, as I can swap out my Eneloop rechargeable batteries rather than being tethered to a power bank. Fenix MC 11 can be clipped on to anything – A lanyard, belt, D ring and is about the size of my index finger. USP – AA battery, can survive being water submersed (don’t ask)!
  8. Action Cam Substitute “Jugaad” – If you baulk at spending ₹ 35000 for the latest GoPro then you’re in my camp. The latest smartphones have better cameras and software but they are not waterproof (and winters are wet). That’s where Decathlon’s waterproof pouch with lanyard comes in. Waterproof upto 1 metre of submersion and 2 sizes to match your phone. USP – Can use touchscreen and camera from inside the pouch.