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My Sweeping Realisation – why is the Bergamont Sweep a perfect bike for me and maybe for you

What do you do when you have to restrict yourself to owning just one bike? Does one bike cut it and does it do all that I expect it to? The Bergamont Sweep 4 is a flat bar road bike that is touted as an urban bike. But I don’t live in a city, so will it work for me? Find out.

Food for Thought – What Does an Expensive Cycle Mean?

Recently, I was asked a question

Why are foreign made bicycles more expensive than Indian-made cycles and why one should I buy them?

I thought it would be ideal to pen down a response to this question for posterity and because there are many assumptions that are at play here. In this post, I’ve compiled the general assumptions and assertions and provided my opinion, with links to international testing, published research wherever possible.

Why I Don’t Buy Expensive Bicycles

Sure if a custom bicycle gives you more pleasure than what you are riding today then, by all means, go get one. But if a used, inexpensive bicycle that you picked up at Cyclop brings an equally big smile to your face – that’s good too.

Mumbai to Goa on a fatbike – 11 – It ends in Goa

Final instalment of our travelogue. I am in Goa and missing Konkan already. This and the bittersweet symphony of a long ride ending. Here’s to everything that makes bikepacking on a fatbike so great. Thank you, India!

Mumbai to Goa on a fatbike – 10 – Drunk on fame and Palm wine

“Oh my I’m a restless guyGot a home everywhere I goI’m-a trouble on the runHeartbreakin’ son of a gunOh yeah…

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