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Mumbai to Goa on a fatbike – 3 – Gear selection and Bicycle Modifications

I’ve never bicycle toured in India and neither have I toured on a fatbike. Therefore I throw in “everything including the kitchen sink” in my panniers for the 100BeachRide. What is it besides the kitchen sink that I’m carrying? Find out in Part 3 of my Journal.

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FitTrip Bikes’ Marine Review: The Heart of an Adventurer

I rode through the heart of the monsoon season along the Konkan coast: my first bikepacking ride in India, that took me through 1000+ kms of salt, sand, gravel & country roads, not to forget the jaw-dropping vistas. My only support: a trailbike, nay, a fatbike to be precise: the Marine. Are fatbikes niche and how did mine hold up through rocky mud roads, record rainfall & floods? Here’s my take on the Marine fatbike.

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