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How to make an inexpensive and long-lasting fire starter?

An inexpensive and sure fast fire starter that will work flawlessly in wet and windy hiking conditions. The perfect way to get a fire going? Find out in our monsoon trekking tip video

Nag Tibba Trek Journal (Part 3) People, Food and more

I share my experiences with people over food and about ways of finding solitude In the third and final part of my trek journal. Rediscover Nag Tibba with inditramp.

Meru film review – Of Giants and Men

In 2011 a three-man team successfully made it to the 6310m (20702ft) summit of the central peak of Meru via the treacherous Shark’s Fin route. Conrad Anker, Jimmy Chin and Renan Ozturk had climbed their way to a world record.

Sundance Audience award winner Meru (2015) chronicles their journey along this most challenging vertiginous climb. The film is not just a documentary on climbing, but a meditation on the choices made, of passion, mentorship, brotherhood, trust, loyalty and the human will.

Watch the film for its universal appeal. Brilliant!

Foraged rose hip tea in the Indian Himalayas

The Girl Outdoor recently shared a recipe for rose hip tea and we have been agog to try it out in the Indian Himalayas. Rose hips are the fruit of a rose tree and they grow wild in the Lower Indian Himalayas. After the rose flower has bloomed and all its petals fallen off, the fruit can be picked off. They ripen in autumn and are abundant between an altitude of 1700 to 2100 metres (5500 to 7000 feet). 

Understanding hypothermia and avoiding it in the Indian Himalayas

Hypothermia is a real danger while out winter trekking in the Indian Himalayas. In this tutorial we look at precautions every trekker should take to avoid hypothermia. However, if you or your trek mate is hypothermic we also cover strategy to deal with hypothermia.

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