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The Kindle – My New Travel Companion? Reviewing the Kindle Paperwhite (2015 update)

“One never travels alone, with a book for a companion.”

On long railway journeys, unscheduled airport waits or on road rambles when the eye cannot decipher forms any more as the outdoors is slowly swathed in the patina of growing shadows, I turn to the book I’m currently reading.

 The Kindle on an Indian Railways journey is the perfect The Kindle on an Indian Railways journey is the perfect “timepass”. Kindle reckons this book will last me 21 hours, which is perfect for a Delhi – Mumbai train

If you’ve read about my biggest dilemma (Drop that book and get a Kindle?), you’d know that I struggled with the thought of using an e-reader. And though Bharat has taken to his Kindle and it makes it to his 5 gadgets that are always in his backpack, I was still stuck between nostalgia and a package promising complete practicality.

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The 5 gadgets that are always in my backpack

We’ve been often asked about the electronic gadgets we carry on our trek. Here’s our list of the 5 gadgets we absolutely don’t leave without. Life is so much simpler with them, these basic must-own gadgets ably equip us on our treks. This list of life-saving, trek-saving and memory-saving items should help you decide what makes it to your backpack.