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Decathlon Arpenaz 500 Fresh Blue Green – Initial Impressions

The recently launched Arpenaz 500 Fresh are top of the line Arpenaz hiking shoes from Decathlon. This means that they sit somewhere in the middle of Decathlon’s 2017 trekking shoes lineup. So do these shoes punch above their feather weight or do do they fall flat on their face? Should you even consider them for your summer/monsoon hikes? Learn more in our preview.


5 foot care tips for monsoon treks in India

Most people don’t associate monsoons with appropriate trekking weather. Yet, fog and mist provide an enchanting interplay between clouds and mountains that makes even the most mundane trek that much more special. Yet, wet weather conditions take a heavy toll on your feet. Nevertheless, this can be mitigated to a large extent by following these simple tips. We’ve distilled these tips after weeks of wet weather trekking from the mighty Himalayas to the delightful Western Ghats.


Early Impressions: Hi-Tec Alpha Trail Mid WP

Hi-Tec’s Alpha Trail Mid WP is a mid-weight, three season, mid-cut boot with a leather upper. It’s Unique Selling Point (USP) is that it is the only boot in India with a Vibram sole that retails for under Rs. 5000. So how do these boots feel after 7 days & 150 kilometres trekking in the Dhauladhars? Find out in our short preview.


Kalenji Kapteren 200 long term user review – Abysmal when wet

It is no secret that we prefer lightweight trail running shoes over boots for three season hiking and trekking. As you may recall, last summer our go-to trekking shoes were Kalenji’s Kapteren Crossover trail running shoes. Therefore, we were thrilled when we bought our first pair of Kalenji Kapteren 200. Not only were the Kapteren 200 cheaper than the Kapteren Crossover, but they addressed the biggest flaw in the Kapteren Crossover which was the lack of a instep that would allow the use of gaiters. So do the gaiter capable Kapteren 200 have what it takes to be the ultimate three season hiking shoe? Find out in our review below

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Kalenji Kapteren Crossover – long term review

The Kalenji Kapteren Crossover is a low cut, lightweight trail running shoe. While similar to other trail-running shoes, they are ruggedised, especially at the toe, sides and midsole. In this long term review we put these shoes to a gruelling four month trekking test in the Lower Himalayas. How do they fare?