Mossy Fall is a natural waterfall followed by a few man-made drops near Barlowganj (Mussoorie). There are many routes that can get you from Landour to Barlowganj. The route that we post here is not the shortest, but we believe is the most scenic. This route takes you along Wynberg-Allen school grounds and gives you many opportunities to peek over Doon Valley. It’s an easy hour’s/hour and a half walk over steep concrete paths that dot Mussoorie. We recommend an early start because

  1. It means there is hardly any motorised traffic on the route.
  2. You get the waterfall to yourself

The walk starts from Landour clock tower, that informally marks the boundary between Landour and Mussoorie. The clock tower is still unconstructed due to political wrangling. Yet I doubt that another reinforced concrete structure will add to Mussoorie’s heritage.

From the clock tower, take Oaks road as it winds its way downhill along the Wynberg slope to the Wynberg-Allen senior school. There are many viewpoints along this road that offer a panoramic view over Doon Valley, some of which we’ve marked in our GPS logs. From Wynberg-Allen you descend further and cross the Mussoorie bypass road into Barlowganj. Barlowganj has some characteristic Raj-era cottages that fall along our route. Thus, look around as you follow the concrete path downhill towards Khetwala village. A few hairpin bends later, you’re at a bifurcation, one of which leads to Khetwala and the other to Mossy Fall.

“ Mossy Falls consists of 6 tiers of cascade and slide type waterfalls, totaling 145 feet in height in drops of 20, 17, 19, 12, 20 and 57 feet respectively. This series of falls isn’t visible from the trail at all, but can be easily reached by a short bushwhack. The three upper most tiers are the easiest to see, while the fourth can be viewed from the side but the final two drops can only be seen from the bottom with fairly extensive bushwhacking and may require fording the creek multiple times. ” ~

The natural waterfall is a bit shy and you will have to find it hidden from view along a cleft in the hillside. This cleft means that skinny dipping is a personal affair as you’re unseen untill someone walks right upon you. Car-camping had left me sluggish and lethargic. My ‘hotel’ doesn’t have a spa, a shower, or even a bucket bath. Standing under the gurgling waterfall, I savored the cold and crisp mountain water that washed away every trace of lethargy and ennui and left me rejuvenated to my bones. After a few minutes, my lips started to tremble and my teeth started to crackle and I decided that rejuvenation is best done in moderation. What a wonderful way to start your day.

“Please do not use soap/detergent in and around all water sources.”

Along the waterfall there is a small cove and a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. A metal bridge with missing planks leads to the temple. We recommend that you avoid taking the rickety bridge especially with small children. Every Shivratri, villagers from Khetwala village get together at this temple for a night of bhajan and bhandara. Mussoorie Development Authority is building a viewpoint-cum-restaurant overlooking this waterfall. Whether this adds to the beauty of the place or turns the stream into a dump for snack wrappers remains to be seen. Till that time we recommend heading down to Mossy Fall for your daily dose of rejuvenation.

GPS Map, Waypoints & Log

Why do this walk

  • For an early morning spa therapy at a natural waterfall.
  • 3.5 kilometres easy downhill walk from Landour clock tower ( google maps ) to Mossy Fall.
  • The route is paved and child-friendly.
  • If you have the urge to walk a bit more, Khetwala village (1 km from Mossy Fall) has beautiful terraced fields and a nice rotund temple.
  • You can return to Picture Palace on the Mussoorie Mall Road on your way back.