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Weekly trekking tales #05

Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.

— Mahatma Gandhi


  The Civilian Trek on Siachen glacier is almost over. Just 16,000 feet more to rise! ~ Photo: ©  Dinakar Peri
The Civilian Trek on Siachen glacier is almost over. Just 16,000 feet more to rise! ~ Photo: © Dinakar Peri

Siachen is a legacy of partition. In this multi-part series, The Hindu’s Dinakar Peri chronicles the annual trek with the Indian Army to the world’s highest battlefield.

Read about the grim and strenuous conditions our army has to endure in this four part series by Dinakar Peri


I Should Have Died on that Mountain. A tale of an accident and rescue on a 12000 foot mountain. What can we take away from this incident?

Know the terrain and your abilities: Hiking and peakbagging can easily turn into technical climbing.
Plan ahead: Research the day’s objective in advance, not the night before. Knowledge of the route and general area is important to success and survival.
Leave early: Most individuals attempting high peaks in winter, or under winter conditions, should depart in the predawn hours.
Have the right equipment: In this terrain the climber should have been using an ice axe in conjunction with his crampons. By bringing a rope and rock climbing protection—and knowing how to use it—the climber could have built anchors and facilitated a safer descent. (Source: American Alpine Club

Jennifer Karr-Lee maintains that no backpack is complete without a kid.

Some of my favorite things to do outdoors include plopping my kid in my backpack and going on a hike with him and my wife, or sitting him in a bike trailer and going for a nice long ride. It’s something so simple, but so remarkable. It’s just the three of us, exploring new places and grabbing some sunshine together.

Book review 

A veteran of 45 expeditions to the high mountains of Asia, Doug Scott is one of Britain’s greatest high altitude mountaineers. He has reached the highest peaks on all seven continents – ‘the seven summits’ – and was part of the first team to climb Everest’s treacherous South West Face. In this extract from his new autobiography Up and About: The hard road to Everest, Doug sets out to explore the Tibesti Mountains of Chad after two months spent crossing the Sahara.

Read an extract from Doug Scott’s book “Up and About:The Hard Road to Everest”. Up and About: The hard road to Everest is available to buy as a hardback from Vertebrate Publishing and it is available on Amazon India.

Gear and Deals

Great deal on Nikon D3200 with 18-55mm VR II Kit Lens at Amazon India! One camera and lens for all your trek photography requirements.

A few weeks ago we wrote an article on Hypothermia and how to avoid it in the Indian Himalayas. Warmee heat pouches available on Amazon India provide eight hours of heat without electricity /  hot water or oven. Excellent backup for extreme winter treks.

Save 31% on Coleman Sundome, 2 person tent at Amazon India. We can vouch for the WeatherTec™ system – patented welded floors and inverted seams help keep water out.

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