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Weekly trekking tales #23

Of all the paths you take in life make sure a few of them are dirt.

— John Muir


Satya shares the ‘Secret to Climbing’, and the secret is very simple. It is sweat. Read more about SWEAT on his blog.

Himachal is not called ‘Devbhoomi’ for nothing. Every valley has a presiding deity. Read more about The Skeern Yatra of Shringa Rishi. The presiding deity of Banjar Valley. Shared by Tarun Goel on his blog.

More from Himachal Pradesh. A well-written travelogue on Karol to Kheerganga. We just wish someone had reduced the saturation slider on otherwise beautiful photographs.

Something worth thinking about. The connection between outdoor gear companies and sustainability. Read more. Recently Wildcraft India (An outdoor gear company based in Bangalore) did create some clothing that was created from recycled plastic bottle.

Bhagirathi III: two ascents in the Indian Himalaya

An expedition composed of the mountaineers Corrado Pesce, Damien Tomasi, Martin Elias, Sebastien Corret, Fanny Tomasi-Schmutz and Elodie Le Comte has repeated two routes on Bhagirathi III (6454m) in the Indian Himalayas. While the men repeated Estrella Impossible, the women repeated the Scottish Pillar. Corrado Korra Pesce provides the expedition report.

Read more.


Film Review: Touching the Void.

Touching the void by Kevin Macdonald recounts the dramatic and immortal story of Joe Simpson and Simon Yates and their first ascent of the West Face of Siula Grande (Andes, Peru). A film and a story about the greatness of friendship and life. Honest, brutal and refreshing, it is also our all time favourite mountaineering movie. Check out this review by Vinicio Stefanello.

The Alpine Start (TAS) tries to answer the eternal question that has been plaguing climbers since time immemorial. What is the best equipment to prepare black nectar a.k.a coffee in the outdoor? Read more if you love your brew.

Nevertheless, we disagree with their finding. We believe that a humble Moka Pot trumps other convoluted methods by its sheer simplicity, robustness and value for money.

Despite years of humans developing synthetic materials, we still can’t match the stuff that geese and ducks churn out without breaking a sweat. So what is it that makes down so effective, and why can’t we recreate its properties? To find out, you’ve got to look close at UKC’s in depth article on the science of down.

What do you prefer on a trek? A water bottle or a hydration system. The Section Hiker conducts a poll.

Mera Peak is one of the most allur­ing trekking peaks in Nepal and its been on our todo list for a long long time. Share the journey with The Clymb.


And who doesn’t love a hik­ing part­ner who loves chocolate? Here’s a compendium of 10 best trail snacks. Think: dark choco­late chips, yogurt-covered espresso beans, dried blue­ber­ries, banana chips, peanut but­ter pret­zels. Read more.

Trekking Gear Deals

Timex Ironman® Sleek 150 launched on Amazon India for Rs. 4995. We think its one of the better designed watches for the outdoor.

Vibram store launched on Amazon India. Products include the much debated Vibram five fingers .

Garmin Fenix 3 HR launched on Amazon India. Finally Suunto Ambit 3 has competition! Read a detailed review here.


Cover Image By Sharada Prasad CS from Berkeley, India (Bhagirathi group of peaks) CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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