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Weekly Trekking Tales #24 Himalayan time lapses

Autumn seemed to arrive suddenly that year. The morning of the first September was crisp and golden as an apple.

— J.K. Rowling

Five time lapses that will sate your urge for the Himalayas. So grab yourself an aromatic cup of chai, kick off your boots and indulge in your love for the Himalayas for the next twelve minutes.

01 – Langtang national park (Nepal)

We kick off with a time-lapse from Langtang national park (Nepal). The Langtang national park contains a wide variety of climatic zones, from subtropical to alpine. Approximately 25% of the park is forested. Trees include the deciduous oak and maple, and evergreens like pine, and various types of rhododendron. Animal life includes Himalayan black bear, the goat-like Himalayan tahr, rhesus monkeys and red pandas. There are also stories of Yeti sightings.

The park contains the Gosainkunda lakes, sacred to Hindus. Pilgrimages are made there in August. Another spiritual site is the Buddhist monastery Kyanjin Gompa.

02 – Sagarmāthā (Nepal)

And while we’re in Nepal, it is hard to ignore the colossus that is Everest, or as we prefer to call it – Sagarmāthā. Here are two time lapse videos by Elia Saikaly. The first of these is shot at Everest base camp while the second video (which cannot be embedded here due to licensing) has some butt-clenching shots of what it takes to walk through the Khumbu Icefall.

03 – Ladakh (India)

As the tourist (read motorcyclists) season in Ladakh (India) draws to a close. Perfect weather, few tourists and a riot of colours make this the perfect time to explore Ladakh.

04 – Uttarakhand 

Think Uttarakhand and invariably you think of Valley of Flowers.

05 – Global Warming!

For several years, evidence has been mounting that the global climate is steadily getting warmer. As a result the melting glaciers are constantly undressing the majestic snow covered peaks of Himalayas. Last Look at the Himalayas is an environmental conservation documentary by Off-Road Studios, aiming to capture whats left and promote the struggle against global warming. We leave you with this video to ponder over.

Inspired to create your own time lapses? Here’s an excellent starter guide on creating time lapses (opens in new tab). You will need three things to get started with time lapses.

1. A camera or a smartphone

2. A sturdy tripod and

3. An intervalometer

Shooting a time-lapse requires a lot a photographs. A tripod is essential to keep your camera steady for that photo taking time (sometimes days). Shop for bestselling tripods on Amazon India or Flipkart (opens in new tab).

With an intervalometer (or timer remote controller), you can program your camera to shoot at certain intervals, such as 1 frame every 5 seconds, 1 frame every minute, and so on. This helps automate your shutter actuation and leaves you free to do other things while your camera is busy taking images. Some cameras or smartphones have a built in intervalometer while for other you will have to buy one that works with your camera model. Shop for an intervalometer on Amazon India (opens in new tab).

Cover Image – Road to Kunjum Pass © Bharat Singh Bhadwal

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