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Weekly Trekking Tales #27

Here’s the thing about women: It is possible for a woman to be stronger than you. It is possible for a woman to be faster than you. … It’s okay.

— Semi Rad

2016 Wildlife Comedy Awards

In these turbulent times, with the spectre of Donald Trump and currency demonetization, how could we ignore this yearly dose of fun. View The winners

Book Review – Himalaya: Adventures, Meditations, Life

For some, the Himalaya is a frontier against which to test themselves. Others find refuge and tranquility in the mountains, a place where they can seek their selves, perhaps even God. And over millennia, the mountains have cradled civilization itself and nurtured teeming, irrepressible life. 
Here you will find stories of great ascents and descents: The madness of war on the ‘world’s highest battlefield’; Tales of exploratory derring-do in Tibet and elsewhere; A drunken jaunt in Kumaon and even the probable sighting of an ‘Abominable Snowman in the Valley of Flowers’; A seeker has an intense spiritual experience on Mount Kailas, another among shamans on a mountaintop in Nepal; and looking for the snow leopard in Ladakh, an author finds himself; A resident of a Sherpa village writes a heartfelt account of the aftermath of an avalanche which killed porters and climbers on Everest and residents of Langtang record an oral history of the earthquake which wiped out their village; A matriarch describes her life and family in Almora of a bygone time; A prisoner in Dehradun jail draws solace from visits by birds and small animals; And the fragrance of lime makes a traveler’s night in a remote Garhwal village memorable for all time. 
Edited by Ruskin Bond, India’s most-loved writer and acclaimed novelist Namita Gokhale, this anthology spans the entire range, from the foothills to the highest peaks and from its easternmost to its westernmost ends. Himalaya will keep you riveted.

More on Goodreads. Available in hardcover and paperback on Amazon India.

Getting ‘chicked’

“Getting chicked” – that’s what my guy friends call it when a girl “beats” them at something. It’s funny… sort of. In the outdoor world where so many dudes are post-post-feminists, where they wear kilts and are all for equal pay and supported Hillary for President, it still stings them when a woman does something better. Read more.

Spiti Photolog

Arjun Harit, a self confessed Homo Sapien completes a 4 part Spiti Photo Blog. Read More.

Don’t Whistle Indoor

Kyrgyzstan has its own quirky customs and rules of etiquette. Explore more with Logan Watts

Sathya’s October Mega Odyssey

Mugu to Upper Dolpo Trek in Western Nepal. As he sums it

  • 28 day trek with 24 days of continuous trekking. 
  • Covered the districts of Mugu and Dolpo in Far/Mid-Western Nepal
  • Crossed 9 5000M+ passes & several smaller passes en route
  • Explored a couple of passes leading into Tibet from Dolpo. Got great views of the Tibetan Plateau.
  • 8–9 days of self-sufficient independent trek with no villages between Maila (last village in Mugu) to Pho (village in Dolpo)
  • Experienced life in some truly remote Tibetan villages – off the tourist track

Read more.

The Legend Speaks His Mind

Reinhold Messner talks to Himalayan Times on the need to preserve traditional alpinism.  Read more. Reinhold Messner made the first ascent of Mount Everest without supplemental oxygen, along with Peter Habeler, and was the first climber to ascend all fourteen peaks over 8,000 metres (26,000 ft) above sea level, including Mount Everest.

Russians on Thaley Sagar

Over a ten day period in mid-September, Dmitry Golovchenko, Dmitry Grigoriev and Sergey Nilov climbed a stunning direttissima up the North Face of Thalay Sagar in the Garwahl Himalaya, India. Golovchenko, Grigoriev and Nilov started up their Moveable Feast on 9 September and, in a remarkable single push, reached the summit on 17 September. The Russians climbed without a portaledge, stating that they viewed this as “a sort of extra challenge”. The overall grade for the 1400m outing is estimated at Russian 6B (the most difficult on the Russian scale). See Gallery.

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Deals – Deuter 25 litre day pack / laptop bag

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Cover Image. Sunrise at Shankhpal (J&K) © Bharat Singh Bhadwal

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