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Weekly Trekking Tales #32

Bouldering at Hampi

 Hampi Scenery from Matanga Hill by LennartPoettering at English Wikipedia [ CC BY-SA 3.0  or  GFDL ], via Wikimedia Commons
Hampi Scenery from Matanga Hill by LennartPoettering at English Wikipedia [ CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL ], via Wikimedia Commons

Nick Brown explores endless boulders in Hampi, India. Hampi is located within the ruins of the city of Vijayanagara, the former capital of the Vijayanagara Empire. Predating the city of Vijayanagara, Hampi continues to be an important religious centre, housing the Virupaksha Temple and several other monuments belonging to the old city. Besides the historical significance, Hampi is also a boulder paradise. Read more about it on UKC.

Hillsound Trail Crampon Ultra Review

Trail crampons popularised by Kahtoola Microspikes have gained immense “traction” (pun intended) in the last year or so. Lightweight and extremely versatile they offer an extra layer of secure purchase even on summer treks where one may have to cross a glaciated stretch. Read SectionHikers’ review of the popular Hillsound Trail Crampon.

Kahtoola Microspikes are available in India at Amazon India but be prepared to pay a huge premium.

Winter Backpacking Gear List

SectionHiker does a winter backpacking gear list that is designed for use in temperatures down to 10 below zero (Fahrenheit) and for camping below the tree line, out of high wind. At just under 28 pounds for the listed gear, this lightweight winter gear guide is comprehensive & impressive. Whilst most of this gear is unavailable in India, nevertheless, it gives you a starting point & goals for what to carry on a winter trek.

In addition to this, also check out inditramp’s top 8 winter trekking tips for the Indian Himalaya.

Escape to Peru

Backcountry Survival Tips

Learn from Erik “Deuce” Larsen. Deuce is a 47-year-old veteran ski patroller and a member of Telluride’s snow safety department. He’s in charge of weather and avalanche forecasting, explosives, hazard mitigation, patrol safety, opening terrain—suffice it to say, he knows his stuff.

You need someone who is on the same wavelength as you for the given day. Make sure you’ve chosen the correct partner for the day and that you’re both on the same page for what your objective is. And that runs the whole gamut, from whether you’re looking to put in the bad rad line or whether you’re looking to make cocktail turns. Having an understanding, between yourself and your partner, of what you are looking to ultimately accomplish sets you up for success.

Read More.

10 Common Missteps of Avalanche Practitioners

Outdoor Research’s compendium from The International Snow Science Workshop (ISSW) 2016. Even if you’re not an avalanche professional, the message applies to all of us who travel in the backcountry. Read More.

Free diving in Canada

Marmot Photography Awards 2016

View and vote for your favourite hiking and climbing photos at UKC. Voting closes at midnight on 31st January, with the final results – and brilliant prizes from Marmot – being announced in February. View the competition image gallery.

Our pick – Traverse from Ponza to Mangart, Julian Alps. © Stefan Koechel, Sep 2016

Essential Equipment for Adventure Photographer

Cover Image “After a snowstorm” © Bharat Singh Bhadwal. All rights reserved.

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