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4 components that make an e-bike

In tis video we explain the 4 components that make a bicycle an E-Bicycle. These components are –

1. Battery 2. Motor 3. Controller 4. Throttle

12 reasons to ditch that scooter for an e-bike

What if I told you that, you could do all of this at a fraction of cost, without having to worry about insurance, registration, parking or rising fuel prices? Sounds a bit unbelievable doesn’t it.

My Sweeping Realisation – why is the Bergamont Sweep a perfect bike for me and maybe for you

What do you do when you have to restrict yourself to owning just one bike? Does one bike cut it and does it do all that I expect it to? The Bergamont Sweep 4 is a flat bar road bike that is touted as an urban bike. But I don’t live in a city, so will it work for me? Find out.

Making a fire with wet wood

All of us have struggled to get a fire going ​using wet wood. Well no more. Watch the video and douse those fears. This fail-proof method starts a fire, every-time anytime.

How to make an inexpensive and long-lasting fire starter?

An inexpensive and sure fast fire starter that will work flawlessly in wet and windy hiking conditions. The perfect way to get a fire going? Find out in our monsoon trekking tip video

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