• The best trekking stove

    With today’s technology and lightweight materials, a trekking stove doesn’t have to be bulky and heavy. Yet with all the different styles of stoves and types of fuel that they burn, making the right choice is not an easy decision. Each type of stove has its advantages and disadvantages. My focus in this article is on what kind of stove works or doesn’t work in the Indian Himalayas. Armed with this information, you can make a purchase that’s right for your climate and trekking style.

  • Sensible retreat is no disgrace

    I am getting a lot of messages about whether trek “x” is doable in winters and my reply often is – it depends on your skill level. But irrespective of whether you are a novice or a hardcore hiker there will come a moment when you will be contend with the dilemma – to push ahead or beat a hasty retreat.

  • Wear two socks to prevent blisters

    Hiking blisters are caused by friction. A single sock is more likely to stay with your shoe than with your foot. This leaves the sock moving against your skin, which causes friction.

  • Blogging light–working remotely with just a smartphone

    This Macbook Pro is the last computer I will use for inditramp. It may be a bit extreme but this thought has been fermenting in my brain for over 3 years now. Interacting with the web has changed. Any mid-range smartphone is a viable (though not perfect) replacement for a laptop for content creation.

  • Lydia Bradley – Starting from the Bottom

    Lydia Bradey is not a name you may be familiar with. Yet, Lydia is a celebrated New Zealand mountaineer. She became the first woman to summit Mount Everest without supplemental oxygen in 1988.

  • Benog Hill Sanctuary (Uttarakhand) Nature’s Trail trek

    There’s always tranquillity to be found, even in the most crowded places if you’re willing to look for it. Benog Hill and Sanctuary are as far away from Mussoorie’s madding crowd and bad traffic as you can get. This is a quiet walk among age-old Buransh and Deodar trees. A place where fowl runs free and the only noise you will hear is the chirping of birds and monkeys

  • All about Fleece

    Every winter when I’m putting together a piece on recommended winter gear , a pair of fleece invariably slips into the mix. While I am a little obsessed ( Ed: Didn’t I see you caressing merino wool T-shirts last month at Decathlon? ) with Merino wool, fleece is merino wool’s beer-drinking, hard-hitting, blue-collared cousin with an interesting backstory.

  • Decathlon your Quechua Trek 500 gaiters are crap

    “Which gaiters should I get for my winter trek,” Reuben asks me on the phone? My response, that which I often give to occasional trekkers was “Buy whatever Decathlon is selling.” “But they already gave up on me at Dayara Bugyal” replies Reuben. Eager to defend Decathlon Sports I say “you must have got that one lemon”

  • 21 Questions for Andrew Skurka by GearJunkie

    Most underrated piece of gear?
    That would be the thing between your ears…your brain. - Andrew Skurka

  • Gear for Gear’s Sake

    An important corollary to yesterday’s question about getting started with trekking is

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